Thursday, April 23, 2015

Being Cautious with Progesterone Supplementation

When you suddenly notice that your menstrual cycle has been interrupted or has stopped, your doctor may prescribe treatment with progesterone. You can also be given this when you're pregnant. It's also popular in treating mostly women's conditions such as menopausal symptoms.

However, just like any ordinary medication, it still has some side effects. Diarrhea, bleeding, tenderness of the breasts and complications of the urinary tract are some of the ailments that users of this drug have experienced.

When you are taking this medication and notice the symptoms of low progesterone, do not wait until your condition worsens. Go back to your doctor and ask what you should do. He could prescribe another type of medication for you.

Though it has been known to be a solution, the side effects are sometimes serious in others. Some have experienced blood clotting therefore making them vulnerable to heart attacks. You just need to be careful.

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