Thursday, April 23, 2015

What Does Progesterone Has to Do with Night Sweating

Night sweat is an episode of sweating at night. Low Progesterone imbalance is one of the many causes of night sweats in women as she ages due to hormone decline. As the name suggests night sweating is actually sweating at night during sleep. It is also the nocturnal cousins to hot flashes in women. Night flashes are thought of as being uncomfortable and disruptive; however, they are not normally signs of anything serious.

During menopause, women experience many symptoms that will affect her emotionally and physically. It is said that up to Seventy-five percent of women during menopause will experience night sweats. This type of sweating may range from mild sweating to profuse sweating during sleep. The sweating may be so intense that It will interrupt a woman sleep which in turn affects her daily life. Nausea, sudden and extreme heat, chills, irregular heartbeat, flushing and headaches are common symptoms night sweating.

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