Thursday, April 23, 2015

Can Natural Progesterone Help Cure Hypothyroidism?

Many persons have hypothyroidism, and low progesterone deficiency is common with most persons with a hypothyroid condition. A progesterone deficiency will at times lead to a number of symptoms, and play a major role in why natural or synthetic thyroid hormone treatment doesn't work well.

However, there are cases this deficiency will aid in the hypothyroidism development wiki, and when this happens, treating this issue will help to restore the persons health with the hypothyroid disorder. One issue is that there are many doctors who won't do a thing to find out if a person has a progesterone deficiency. What they normally do is if a person has a hypothyroid condition, they will only recommend basic thyroid blood tests, and if the result is positive, the doctor will tell patients to take daily thyroid hormone for life. While this will help to manage hypothyroid symptoms, it won't help with the progesterone deficiency.

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